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        What is the double ring (coil) coil plate of the induction cooker
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        What is the double ring (coil) coil plate of the induction cooker

        The so-called double-loop coil reel is the process of winding the reel, after winding several turns, spaced a distance in the middle of the coil reel, and then winding the remaining number of turns to form two opposite coils.

        The design of the double-loop coil reel is mainly to alleviate the "point boiling" effect of the induction cooker. Due to the limitation of the winding process during the production of the general reel, it is difficult to ensure uniformity in the uniformity of the entire coil, so each reel produced The distribution of the generated magnetic field is also different. Due to this innate reason, the magnetic field distribution of each induction cooker is not the same, so when heating, the area with a high magnetic field density will boil first, and the area with a low magnetic field density will boil later. This phenomenon is generally obvious in the early stage of water boiling, but it is basically not obvious when all the water is boiling. The double-loop coil disk is mainly improved on the winding structure to make the distribution of the magnetic field generated more uniform, the area of the eddy current induced at the bottom of the pot is increased, and the purpose of alleviating the "point boiling" effect is achieved.